Study proposes a tax on sugary snacks

After the good results achieved by the taxes applied to sweetened beverages in various parts of the world, a research group proposes the same type of taxation for snacks with high sugar content.

According to the researchers, who published their study in the British Medical Journal, in order to combat the growing obesity among the population, it is necessary to seriously consider, subjecting it to further research, the possibility of increasing the prices of this type of snack.

In fact, according to the same researchers, this new tax could achieve even better results than that applied to sweetened beverages. The fact is that obesity is proving to be a sort of “pandemic”: it is increasing not only in the richest countries but in most regions of the world. And this leads to various problems, including economic ones, considering the costs that society often has to bear for the treatment of all diseases related to obesity.

To contribute to the same obesity, child and not, are also the large quantities of sugar present in the various “snacks”, biscuits, candies, chocolates, and so on and so forth. Supermarket shelves are increasingly full of such products.

In the course of the study, researchers used economic modeling and assessed the impact of a 20% increase in UK prices for sugar-rich snacks. The modeling was based on data from 36,324 UK households and 2544 adults in a national study.

Of course, other factors such as household income, body mass index, etc. were also taken into account by the researchers. The models show that a 20% tax in all households in each income bracket would result in a decrease in consumption of these products for an average annual loss of 8900 calories and an average weight loss of around 1 pound per year.


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