Impact of climate change on banana cultivation studied

A new study analyses the impact that climate change is having and will have on banana related agricultural production. Produced by Dan Bebber of the University of Exeter, the study analyses this impact on 27 countries representing 86% of world banana production.

Since 1961, these countries have seen an average increase in crop yields due to climate change, largely due to higher heat levels in many regions, which naturally led to more favorable growth conditions. However, the same study shows that by 2050, if climate change continues at today’s rate, these yield gains will be almost completely offset.

This also applies to India, the world’s largest producer of bananas, and Brazil, the fourth. Only a few countries, including Ecuador and Honduras, could see an overall benefit in the quantity of the harvest.

Bebber himself, Professor of Life Sciences at Exeter University, says: “We are very concerned about the impact of diseases such as fusarium on bananas, but the impacts of climate change have been largely ignored. There will be winners and losers in the coming years and our study could stimulate vulnerable countries to prepare through investment in technologies such as irrigation.”


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