The birds that live around Lake Constance are disappearing

According to a new study, the number of birds living around Lake Constance is in sharp decline. The results of the study show that the lake region has lost 120,000 breeding copies over the past 30 years.

Six of the most common bird species living around the lake have declined dramatically in number and only two of these species have increased. For example, the population of domestic sparrows has decreased by 50% since 1980 while swallows have decreased by 70%.

The partridge, which was once a very common bird in the land around the lake region, has instead completely disappeared as has the owl. They are also suffering from species that usually survive almost everywhere, such as finches, robins and blackbirds.

These are “really shocking figures,” as Hans-G√ľnther Bauer, a researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Animal Behaviour, says, and they would have been even stronger if the count had started before 1980 as the decline began decades earlier. If we were to make a projection into the future, the decline would therefore have to be even greater.

The problem of habitat is the biggest one: bird populations are shrinking rapidly in those areas and are being used intensively by humans, especially in agriculture. Another reason is the scarcity of food: insects are also decreasing around the region and even the latter are disappearing by human hand.


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