Australian birds are losing much of their habitat

Hundreds of Australian bird species are losing their habitat, especially in South-East Australia. A new study published in Conservation Biology has analyzed various threatened and unthreatened bird species and found that they have lost almost two-thirds of their natural habitats.

The same study differs from the others because it also takes into account non-threatened species. Jeremy Simmonds, the study’s head, himself, specifies how all too often only threatened birds are highlighted or researched.

In fact, even the most common and most widespread species can be endangered and can be important for the environment, as the researcher himself specifies: “Common species play a vital role in controlling pests and pollination of insects and their decline through loss of habitat has implications for the health of ecosystems.”

Researchers analyzed changes in the habitats of 447 different Australian bird species since 1750. Needless to say, the greatest negative changes have occurred in those areas where there has been greater deforestation.

The same researcher calculates that for every hectare of forest felled 180 different species of birds are affected in terms of habitat loss.


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