Each Filipino student will have to plant 10 trees if they want to graduate.

This is an idea that can certainly be considered as innovative comes from the Philippines to combat deforestation and therefore also the reduction of carbon dioxide in the air. According to a new law already approved by the legislative council of the Philippine Parliament, each student before graduating will have to prove that they have planted at least 10 trees.

According to calculations provided by experts to the Philippine parliament itself, if this bill is approved by the president who has yet to sign it, there will be an increase in the number of trees of about 172 million units per year. In a single generation, naturally counting the level of reproduction of the plants themselves, experts estimate an increase of 525 billion new trees.

The Philippine Parliament, as well as large sections of the population, is particularly concerned about the environment as the islands are among the most deforested areas in the world. It is thought that the forest-covered territories in the Philippines have decreased from 70% to 20% in just a few years. This will not only bring problems in the medium and long term but has already caused several problems such as landslides and floods in areas most prone to geological instability.

Students will not be able to plant trees wherever they want. The authorities will indicate the areas in which the new trees will have to be planted, such as residential areas, industrial zones, spaces in front of schools, hospitals, universities, etc. The authorities will indicate the areas in which the new trees will have to be planted.



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