Indian spacecraft Chandrayaan-2 ready to release landers and rovers on the Moon

The Indian probe Chandrayaan-2 is practically ready to release the lander that will land on the Moon. The probe, which has been orbiting the moon for several weeks, has completed its fifth and final orbit maneuver and the same ground engineers checked that all parameters were normal, which then occurred as stated by the Indian space agency in a press release.

Now all that remains is to move on to the next operation, namely the detachment of the lander, called Chandrayaan-2, from the spacecraft, an event that should take place around 10 a.m. tomorrow morning. After this detachment, further maneuvers will be carried out by the lander in order to prepare for the landing that should take place in the south pole of our natural satellite.

The motorized descent to the lunar ground should take place on Friday, September 6 and the final touchdown on the same day around 10 p.m. (Italian time), excluding of course any problems that might occur.

The Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft was launched by the Indian Space Agency on 22 July.

This is the agency’s second mission to the Moon after Chandrayaan-1, a mission that however saw the landing of an impactor irreparably damaged after contact with the surface of the lunar south pole, as also planned after the controlled descent.

The Chandrayaan-2 mission should instead see the use of a real rover, the Pragyan, which is located inside the lander and which should become operational after the landing.

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